D & PARTNERS is proud and honored to share with its partners and customers its values ​​which are:

  • Cohesion
  • The responsibility
  • Ethics

Cohesion : Thanks to its international and multidisciplinary network, D & PARTNERS guarantees you an effective result in a very short time of work with an optimal cost.

Professional liability: we make it a point of honor to keep our commitments. The obligation to achieve speed and confidentiality is a hallmark of our corporate culture.

Ethics: Ethics and transparency are key principles of any D & PARTNERS intervention. Our convictions lead us to favor socially responsible mandates and to assist our clients in this regard. Transparency, whether informational, financial or procedural, is a cardinal virtue in the execution of our contracts.

The strength of an organization or a company lies not only in the quality of its services and products but also in the legal and tax system that goes with it.

Mélanie A. ZINZINDOHOUE -The President