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Manage your time or manage your energy?
Overloaded agenda, races against traffic jams, against time, obligations or family constraints, housewives, in the workplace, it is not uncommon to hear people complain about being exhausted … and to not have enough time…

What can be done to get out?

As paradoxical as it may seem, the answer to this question has less to do with time than with personal energy.

The scientific work of two American researchers Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz teach us that managing your energy is more important than managing your time. And this truth, several top athletes or amateurs will confirm it.

Above all, there are 4 main sources of energy:

– The look
– The Mental
– The Emotional
– The Spiritual

They impact our physical capacity (strength, endurance, speed, etc.), mental (reflection, memory, listening ability and sensory perception, etc.), relational (quality of interaction with others, with our environment, with ourselves) and our higher consciousness of ourselves (the image we have of our higher self or any connection to an entity superior to us).

The first reality to take into account is that, in many cases, the difficulty we have in one area with one type of energy can be explained by a deficit in another.

For example, difficulty concentrating, remembering a certain thing, finding inspiration is often linked to a management deficit at the physical level (lack of sleep, diet, exercise, posture, etc. .). If you pay close attention, you will find that standing posture can be more effective than sitting posture to create, negotiate, sell … Why in the start-up companies of the Sillicon Valley, you will see spaces developed for meetings and production, standing …

The second reality to take into account is the alternation required in energy expenditure and energy recharge. Life is made of this alternation, of this oscillation which determines different rhythms: night, day, rainy season, dry season, to inspire, to exhale, to spend, to recharge. Reloading does not always mean resting. When you go out for an energetic meeting, for example, a little jogging, a relaxation exercise or listening to an air that you particularly like and that makes you feel good are all possibilities to explore. The goal is to change the registry and regenerate. For example, with a jog, you will expend physical energy, but you will reload the mental energy and the emotional … So you have to do things, one at a time, do them thoroughly, but nevertheless, it is absolutely necessary avoid exhaustion. Exhaustion comes from too much, too long the same thing … We advise you to adopt an attitude of intense sprinting in everything you do but in different and regularly varied areas rather than manage them with a marathon attitude …

You’re probably thinking, but how do you get the discipline you need to always do everything you have to do?

Our ultimate advice for managing your energy well is having rituals. Rituals are always at the same time, and always with the same intensity, the same thing. In the Japanese tradition, what they call Kaizen means continuous improvement … but not in any way … with small steps. Inherited from the samurais’ art of living, the Kaïzen advocates identifying his axis of progression, the act or sequence of acts associated with it, and repeating each day at the same time this act or this sequence. acts. If you can repeat it for a minute every day, until it becomes easy for you or you reach your progress, you can gradually increase the time you spend on it. This is the rituals. Have an organized existence around rituals that you have defined around the goals you have set for yourself. These talented people, those great champions who collect medals on medals, perform tremendously well, have no more willpower than you or most people. They just have rituals to which they submit. That’s when I get up, I put my shoes in such a way, I run as many minutes, I eat lunch at such time, I fall asleep at such time … It works as well in the field of sport as business or life just short.

Rituals allow the individual to do many things much less tiring.

The management of personal energy is to take into account the 4 different sources of energy, it is to consider that the deficit in one can trigger difficulties in the other is to keep in mind the necessary alternation and vary it and adopt winning rituals.

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By Synsores,

adult educator

Project Manager, D & Partners sas