Legal advice

Arbitration and litigation

Perfect knowledge of the sector of alternative dispute resolution methods (arbitration, mediation, conciliation, transaction, etc.) is an asset that D & PARTNERS holds and puts at your service upstream of any litigation procedure.

The mastery of litigation procedures both before national, sub-regional and international jurisdictions allows D & PARTNERS and its experts to provide you with appropriate responses to your disputes while preserving your image and your interests (civil or criminal liability action for managers or any person governed by private or public law) as well as any dispute before civil, criminal or administrative courts.

Bank right

To assist banks and other financial institutions (credit and microcredit institutions, etc.) to reorganize and develop in the face of the economic turbulence of the current world, these institutions must meet several challenges, namely: controlling the legal environment and regulatory; compliance with formal and prudential standards; the profitability of their services; competitiveness ; establish a relationship of trust with their customers, in particular thanks to the transparency accompanying the best services adapted to their needs. These are the concrete solutions that the expertise of D & PARTNERS offers you.

We support you and allow you to meet these challenges with a proven multidisciplinary approach, offering the best solutions for effective results for your establishment and customer loyalty.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law

As a preventive measure, during difficulties or after cessation of payments, D & PARTNERS offers you its expertise at all stages of the procedure. Our consultants in this matter, accountants, magistrates, auctioneers, auditors are available to assist you.

In the amicable phase, D & PARTNERS assists you within the framework of the difficulty prevention procedure (ad hoc mandate or conciliation) to diagnose the difficulties, determine the strategy to be put in place with both private and public creditors to find a solution of adequate restructuring (debt spreading plan, restructuring of bank debts, payment deadlines, etc.) or by any other mechanism of assignment, abandonment, subrogation or delegation of receivables. The goal is to save the business and allow it to take off in a new and better way.

On the other hand, during a period of safeguard or receivership, our experts, after examining the situation, will assist you in drawing up a safeguard or reorganization plan or with the declaration of cessation of payment, just as we will assist you with any takeover offer. of your business or assets.

For both managers and shareholders, we provide you with our legal expertise in the face of risks such as action for insufficient assets, extension of procedures in the event of confusion of assets, various actions in liability for fault, personal bankruptcy ...

We will do everything possible to reassure your creditors about the securing and collection of their debts, namely declaration of debts, right of retention, set-off and other more complex mechanisms.

Contact us and we will take care of your situation.

Business law / OHADA law

Whether you are a business (individual or collective) commercial or civil; a public, parapublic or associative sector organization, D & PARTNERS experts advise and support you in all areas of business law in general and OHADA law in particular.

Whether it is the choice of the legal form of the company to be created (SNC, SCS, SARL, SAS, SA, GIE, branch, subsidiary, representative office, etc.), relations between partners, relations between managers and any merger, demerger, partial contribution of assets or any other form of corporate restructuring D & PARTNERS is your solution. Our expertise also extends to any dispute or litigation related to business law.

We are also involved in the establishment of a good corporate governance mechanism; on any shareholder or managerial policy; the efficient preparation of documents (internal rules of shareholders' agreement) and corporate bodies of all kinds (management, chairmanship, board of directors or supervisory board) as well as for the creation of all specialized committees.