Human Ressources

Recruitment offer

Our mission is to identify the candidate for you:

- who has the personal qualifications and aptitudes required to perform the function as adequately as possible;

- who is able to integrate into your team and adhere to its values ​​(in particular, the primacy of professionalism, responsibility and service);

- who is able to progress in his profession and to follow the evolution of the structure and its sector of activity.

Our methodological approach is transparent, rational, rigorous and professional.

We have a battery of aptitude tests that we administer according to the position to be filled, psychotechnical tests from several international firms and universities and a board of consultants with extensive experience in Human Resources, Psychology and areas specific to your industry.

Full package

Recruitment :

- Analysis of the needs of the company or institution: Understanding of our client's business strategy and the job environment through in-depth discussion with all stakeholders;

- Drafting of the job profile (if necessary);

- Announcement and collection of application files;

- Pre-selection;

- Administration of aptitude and psychotechnical tests;

- Maintenance ;

- Presentation of a short list of the best candidates through a complete selection report;

- Provision of an expert during the final interview (if necessary);

- Coaching and follow-up of the successful candidate for better integration + 3 other CVs in the event of failure of the successful candidate after the trial period until the customer is satisfied.

Light package

Assistance with internal recruitment processes

- Pre-selection;

- Aptitude and / or psychotechnical tests;

- Interviews;

- Analysis of potential;

Other services

- Proposal and provision of CVs

- Receipt of spontaneous CVs

- Head hunting

D & Partners is:

- A mixed strategy thanks to:

o A continuously enriched database;

o Knowledge of local and international contexts, whether French or English;

o A multi-channel search device;

o A pan-African and global relational network;

o Tools dedicated to transparency and rationality.

- A direct and tailor-made approach thanks to:

o A tailor-made service offer;

o A tailor-made research strategy;

o Traceability of the entire process;

o Support and advice on all or part of the selection process (internally or externally).