Practice Areas

Audit provides a complete, true and fair vision of a company’s accounts and a value judgment on the quality and rigor of its management. It also helps strengthen investors’ confidence. For a good quality audit, D & PARTNERS bases his interventions on a multidisciplinary team of experts who strives to make you benefit from his extensive knowledge of your industry, your information and your themes using the most up-to-date audit tools. It is in this context that we offer you the following services:

– Audit and internal control for the reliability and relevance of your processes and information of all kinds. Our audit services range from accounts audit, legal audit, internal control, tax audit to audit of human resources, Information & Technologies audit, etc.

– Chartered, fiscal accounting, and audit to meet the different economic and fiscal challenges of your company and make your projects successful.

– Financial, strategic and operational consulting to help you better understand the complex changes in the financial community and the challenges companies face in specialized areas of this unceasing changing world.