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Companies’ economic and technological environment in Africa requires adaptation to new skills. Those skills evolve with globalization while remaining subject to continent-specific environment. At D & PARTNERS, we know that your technical knowledge formalized (your heart of business, your procedure manuals) are as strategic as your intuitive knowledge (your non-formalized skills and practices). That is why our training offers favor the evolution of your human resources needs in a provisional management approach of jobs and skills as well as your knowledge management system. Our commitment: to help you become a learning organization by: – Permanently stimulating intellectual curiosity of your collaborators, – Creating favorable conditions for creativity and innovation additionally to those of learning, – Proposing systems to identify explain and transmit helpful knowledge for your enterprise growth.



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presentation1D & PARTNERS expertise is based on professionals with demonstrated expertise and proven experience in their field and a perfect mastery of educational norms. D & PARTNERS support is a profitable investment via 3 guarantees – The guarantee that your need is clearly identified and met – The guarantee that you are an actor of your learning and that your preference in the matter are taken into account – The guarantee of achieving a return on investment: All our interventions are evaluated over time according to pre-defined common criteria in agreement with the Sponsor and / or the targeted population.