Gouvernance, Risk Management And Compliance

Governance, risk management (financial, operational, fraud, technological, legal risks) aims to enable any company to identify, assess, manage and limit the risks it may face. It also aims to enable companies to comply with regulations in force (national according to the country, OHADA for member countries companies of this area and international law in the case of foreign companies) to optimize their organization and thus improve their performance.

Managing risks makes it possible to control the development of the company. In addition, in today’s increasingly open, connected and globalized world, where companies face the media and competitive exposure (reputational campaign, cyber attack, etc.), it is more than urgent for companies to protect their brand, reputation and information assets (customers, products and research …).

D & PARTNERS offers you an adapted protection policy for your most critical information assets, indispensable asset to reassure your customers, your investors and partners in order to perpetuate your business.