Legal Engineering

Practice Areas

Whatever the legal field is, D & PARTNERS supports you in every step of your projects and puts his legal expertise at your service to effectively ensure implementation. – Creation of company Whether a limited, private or public or any other forms of partnership or company, D & PARTNERS helps you in choosing the best form of company for your business, your ambitions and your resources. We also advise you on the most appropriate tax option for your business and strive for the success of your company and your project. We also undertake the drafting of your company statutes (by-laws) and support you in all administrative procedures (formalities before the notary, registration … etc.) necessary for the creation of your company.

D & PARTNERS’ difference: After creating a company, we maintain our support for its existence so that it can better fit and have a better visibility in the national, sub-regional or international, if necessary, economic landscape. – Company Management Whether your company is directly managed by you or any other person or entity or whether it is a delegation of service or any indirect way of managing your company or organization, D & PARTNERS offers you the best possible choice for sound management, rigorous, successful and mostly effective of your company with the expected success and profitability.

The D & PARTNERS’ difference: We guarantee, with figures and statistics in support, the success of your company. Try us and you will adopt us. – Company or business restructuring Whether it is a modification of the statutes or organization chart of your company; whether it is a modification of labor contracts or any documents related to the labour law or social law, D & PARTNERS offers its experts to ensure its achievement in the interests of efficiency and with the utmost professionalism.